The Marvelous Misadventures of Morgan the Great

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I promise.
Mona Lisa, Da Vinci
I dislike have to deal with a barrage of unwanted romantic advances. D:

I hope it's all in my head and he doesn't really want to be with me, because I dun like himmmm, nononono, do not want. :< Bah.

But other than feeling cynical about finding a boy who isn't totally clingy and that I actually find physically attractive (and thinks I'm pretty in return...), life is good. Good friends, caught up on school work, writing bunches, it's all good stuff. Only two more days until I get to got to Tex-ass with Quarter! Woot woot. I'll probably bring my psychology book with me to get some work done while I'm down there.

I'm beginning to really like my bedroom. At the beginning of the year it was so bland, and now it's so... very not bland. xD There's stuff I've taped all over the walls, little knick knacks on the shelves from adventures with friends, all kinds of good stuff. My school shit is all organized and looks pretty nifty if I say so myself, which helps... man, I wonder what kind of mental disorder I have to have in order to get this much pleasure out of organization, haha. D: I regret nothing!


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