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Listening to Tidy Weekenders. <3
Godzilla, Godzirra
Man, I'm so happy to actually be on top of things. I mean, I've only genuinely been behind twice so far this year--which, to me, is a big accomplishment; stop looking at me like that. D: I'm legit caught up in all my classes and I finally finished my chunk of In War & Peace, which is a Star Wars-related project I'm doing with one of my RPing partners, Sunny. (: Sooooooo once that was all done I started on the massive task of organizing my music, which I've done well so far, if I say so myself.

I recently saw Sherlock Holmes with my buddy Carlos (the same kid I ate Chinese food with earlier) and I've been working on a playlist for another project for me to take on, Nocturns. Chyeah. Be excited.

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Yoooou. Need to eat dinner with Josh and I one night this week. Kthnx <3


Oh em gee just text meeeeee. <3 :D Except on Thursday, lol. And Friday my friend Erin is coming to visit soooooo that's also a no-go (unless you're chill with her coming, lol; I think you guys would get along.) (:

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